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Welcome to the New Zealand Ship and Marine Society website

This website has been on line since 2002. We are continually adding to the site as material becomes available.

About tells our history, what services we offer and how to join us. It also has links to our branches and to a number of other useful web sites.

Shipping News contains topical news about maritime events in the New Zealand area or to ships that are associated with New Zealand or other items of general maritime interest.

New Zealand Marine History contains short histories of shipping companies and the ships which trade or have traded to New Zealand, the ports of New Zealand and the personalities.

Publications contain a list of marine interest books, books that are published by the Society or that the Society can supply and a link to an order form.

Magazine includes extracts from our regular publication "New Zealand Marine News".

We are keen to hear from anyone who may have anything to contribute to the site.

We hope you enjoy your visit.